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Movie reviews, lists and the occasional discussions over movies, TV, music and the odd video game.

A place where I talk about films, TV and other stuff I like. Remember, it's like, just my opinion, man.

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Review: Playground (2022)

Looking back, our years at school are often met with either of these two things: nostalgia in reliving the peak years of your life (oof),...

Review: Petite Maman (2021)

In this day and age, it really is a mammoth task to be able to provide a true family film that is actually for the entire family. These...

Review: Titane (2021)

Writing anything about Titane is a challenge in itself. If you go over various reviews and analyses popping up over the internet, so many...

Review: Little Girl (2021)

For many years, whether intentional or not, film and TV have painted the trans community in overwhelmingly negative ways. Whether they...

Review: Heroes Don't Die (2020)

A mockumentary is a fictionalized narrative in the guise of a fake documentary setting, often used as a great output for satire. When...

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