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Movie reviews, lists and the occasional discussions over movies, TV, music and the odd video game.

A place where I talk about films, TV and other stuff I like. Remember, it's like, just my opinion, man.

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Review: Triangle of Sadness (2022)

It’s been a while since my last review. My phone is filled with notes on every film I have seen since my last review - the anxiety...

Review: Flee (2021)

Right now, I feel that we are in a golden age of documentary filmmaking. Not only are filmmakers consistently finding interesting new...

Review: Titane (2021)

Writing anything about Titane is a challenge in itself. If you go over various reviews and analyses popping up over the internet, so many...

Review: Pig (2021)

Pig offers an experience that you can’t really prepare yourself for. After reading the synopsis and watching the trailers, it still can’t...

Review: The Killing of Two Lovers (2021)

Certain film titles evoke a particular response and expectation from the viewer. The Killing of Two Lovers is a title that entices with...

Review: In the Earth (2021)

Ben Wheatley’s much-anticipated return to horror has been met with a lot of intrigue and excitement. As a firm believer in Wheatley’s...

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