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Movie reviews, lists and the occasional discussions over movies, TV, music and the odd video game.

A place where I talk about films, TV and other stuff I like. Remember, it's like, just my opinion, man.

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My 100 Favourite Films of 2020 (25-1)

So here it is, the final list. I know there will be controversial choices as well as their order in the countdown, but as previously...

My 100 Favourite Films of 2020 (50-26)

We're back again with part 3 of the big countdown...and off we go... 50. Onward Director: Dan Scanlon Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy/F...

My 100 Favourite Films of 2020 (75-51)

And we are back... 75. Father Soldier Son Directors: Leslye Davis, Catrin Einhorn Genre: Documentary Length: 1 Hour 39 Minutes Country:...

My 100 Favourite Films of 2020 (100-76)

In spite of a pandemic, 2020 still saw a large amount of great films coming to the fore. Comments of "wErE tHeRe EvEn 100 FiLmS rElEaSeD...

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